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10th Feb 2021

29 - Asking For Help. Take 3.

This weeks episode starts off with Geraldine giving a recap of how something that happened on an IG live still has her steaming. This lead to an actual argument that lasts almost 2 days. The couple re groups not once but twice to be able to finish this episode. Chris and Geraldine finally get their shit together and the episode begins! The couple discusses how important asking for help in a marriage should be. Chris reflects on how hard it was to separate the feelings he has when asked to help vs. what is actually being asked. Geraldine opens up about her struggle to even ask Chris because of the fear of being let down or him not following through.

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We Were On A Break
Navigating the struggles of adulting as a millennial couple
Join Geraldine and Chris as they navigate the struggles of marriage, parenting/co-parenting, sex, love and hate through comedy. This couple is sharing their life fails so you don't feel so bad about your own! We Were On A Break is their unfiltered take on how messy life can be. Life is messy but they are messier!

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Check them out: https://linktr.ee/wwoabpodcast