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18th May 2022

33 - Lets Show Some Appreciation

Geraldine and Chris start by sharing a few wins that occurred over the last few days. Chris admits to another “I’m getting old” moment and Geraldine admits to having withdrawals from a popular legal situation. The episode kicks off with this weeks topic, What are you good at? The couple opens up about how they focus too much on the negative things about each other. Awkward and heartfelt moments follow while they take turns confessing how they feel.

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We Were On A Break
Navigating the struggles of adulting as a millennial couple
Join Geraldine and Chris as they navigate the struggles of marriage, parenting/co-parenting, sex, love and hate through comedy. This couple is sharing their life fails so you don't feel so bad about your own! We Were On A Break is their unfiltered take on how messy life can be. Life is messy but they are messier!

New Episode every Wednesday.

Check them out: https://linktr.ee/wwoabpodcast