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26th Oct 2022

9 - The One With The Break

This week, the duo is getting right back into where they left off... one podcast season ago! Get caught up by listening to season one episodes 1 ,10, 17, 25 and 41 where Geraldine and Chris talk about "the break". The WWOAB couple dive deeper into the break and reveal details that you might not have seen coming after traumatic events. Geraldine and Chris get personal and explain exactly why this episode took so long to record. Will you see the duo differently after this?

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We Were On A Break
Navigating the struggles of adulting as a millennial couple
Join Geraldine and Chris as they navigate the struggles of marriage, parenting/co-parenting, sex, love and hate through comedy. This couple is sharing their life fails so you don't feel so bad about your own! We Were On A Break is their unfiltered take on how messy life can be. Life is messy but they are messier!

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Check them out: https://linktr.ee/wwoabpodcast